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Custom Hang Tags

Hang tag is main label, it is not just for garment, but useful on just about every product on the market.

Hang tags are used to show kinds of information, like LOGO, price, specification, usage, contact, etc.

Among all label tags, hang tag has the strongest artistic expression. This is due to its rich materials and printing technology, so basically you can get any color, size, shape, thickness, material you would like.

An excellent hang tag will impress people, which have a good impression on the brand and improve the level of products and brand.

Custom hang tags are mainly made by paper, but also PVC, fabric, leather, wooden, even metal. The popular printing include Gold/silver, UV, mbossed/debossed, hollow out, etc.

The hang tags can be customized with your own LOGO, Size, Color, Shape, Material, Folded, String, Thickness…

You can swing the hang tag to product by hangtag strings of various materials, such as cotton, nylon, hemp, metal, etc. Even a logo can be customized on the strings. 

Welcome inquire the latest catalog and quotation of custom hang tag.

Main Material And Thickness

 Material: Carcboard paper, kraft paper, art paper, leather, cotton, wooden, plastic, etc.

 Thickness: From 0.1mm to 3mm thickness, the swing tag will be the best quality.

Printing And Surface

 Printing: Gold/silvery foil, UV printing, Embossed/Debossed LOGO, Hollow out,and so on.

• Surface: Glossy/matt lamination, Soft touch, sticker, and so on.